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Clear Plastic Grout Bags
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Clear plastic grout bag. Clear plastic grout bags are cost effective. Clear plastic grout bags are of heavy weight clear plastic that is heat sealed. PLASTIC GROUT BAGS. Heat sealed. Convenient, inexpensive, disposable. Plastic Grout Bags can be used once then thrown away, no messy clean-up. PLASTIC GROUT BAGS, are used for grouting brick, block, tile, as well as applying swimming pool expansion joint plastic. Call us for more information (562) 420-9502 (grout bag plastic)


Concrete Block Brick masonry tools
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VINYL GROUT BAG (Heat welded and sewn)

We manufacture two types of Vinyl Grout Bags. We offer sewn or heat welded and are made with high quality expanded upholstery vinyl. Sewn Grout Bags are manufactured with heavy duty nylon 69 thread for extended service and is approximately 23" in length with an opening of 11". Our heat sealed Vinyl Grout Bag is heat welded, so it is smooth inside with no visible seams and is 23" in length with an opening of 13". Both types of Grout Bags are strong and durable for extended use. We are able to screen print the name of your company on each Grout Bag for a nominal additional charge. Call for pricing (562) 420-9502.


Rinker wire bond Orco metromont
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The White Grout Bag with Blue Tip (blue tip grout bag) is 23" in length with an opening of 13". The fabric is a cotton blend with pvc film bonded to the inside. Our fabric is manufactured specifically for us to our exacting standards. Blue Tip Grout Bags individually heat welded by hand then coated with a Blue plastic tip for extended use. Blue Tip Grout Bags efficently grout brick and concrete block keeping your work cleaner and clean up quicker. We are able to screen print the name of your company on each Blue Tip Grout Bag for a nominal additional charge. CALL FOR PRICING. (562) 420-9502 Your leader in disposable masonry tools. (plus shipping)


Wire Bond White Cap Fizzano
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PLASTIC GROUT STOP (Grout Blok or Mortar Suspension)

Grout Stop also know as Grout Blok or lintel screen is 1/4" x 1/4" polypropylene plastic netting that is cut and rolled into 100 foot rolls. We private label the Grout Stop with your company information and shrink wrap in clear plastic each roll at no extra charge. Private labeling and shrink wrapping with your personalized label creates a professional look exlclusively for your company. Grout Stop prevents grout from falling through block core and maintains a positive bond in the mortar joint. Grout Stop is available in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" widths or to your custom size. Your company now has the opportunity to have private labeled products that will identify your company for pricing that is competitive with non-private labeled product that costs no more than Grout Stop with out private labeling. We design the label exclusively for your company with your information for no additional charge. Call (562) 420-9502 for more information. Sold by the case.


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